About Us


Viajemos.com is an online Travel Agency, created to offer car rental reservations, as well as hotel reservations and airplane tickets worldwide; we wish to be recognized as a highly competitive option within the market. Our performance, quality and effectiveness, allow us to fulfill the necessities of our customers for their business or pleasure trips. We are committed to the sustainable development and with providing a personalized customer service, as well as offering highly competitive rates. We have several service channels to attend the requirements of our customers 24 hours a day and we also have qualified specialists in three different languages: Spanish English or Portuguese.


For the year 2020, Viajemos.com has planned to be a known worldwide leader in the online travel agency market, enjoying the loyalty and appreciation of its customers, for being a company with high quality standards. Such standards are focused on providing sustainable tourism services and excellent rates.

We will constantly improve the quality of our services thanks to our teamwork skills, along with a continuous training and knowledge updates for of our employees. We will also keep on working to offer and guarantee very competitive rates.



Viajemos.com stands out for providing high quality services, according to the requirements of its customers and always focused on the wellness and safety of its collaborators. Our agency promotes the care and good management of hydric and energetic resources and encourages the conservation of the natural and cultural resources. In addition, it focuses on the disclosure of information related to the prevention of any practice associated with the illegal wildlife trade, any form of child/teenager exploitation, and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage at any destination worldwide. Viajemos.com contributes to job generation under fair conditions at local level and works next to providers that adjust to our business needs.


Our main sustainability goals are:


  1. Verify that our agency is accomplishing the service conditions offered to its customers, in order to ensure their satisfaction and fidelity.
  2. Consolidate and maintain our management system for health and safety at work, to ensure to our team a safe work environment and the protection of their physical and mental integrity.
  3. Promote good environmental practices to make a rational consumption of water, energy, recycled paper usage and waste separation, involving all the employees within the Agency, as well as local community and customers, through information and sensitization campaigns.
  4. To encourage the visit, preservation and conservation of attractions that constitute natural and cultural heritage, persuading tourists to avoid their participation in the illegal trade of cultural good or wildlife.
  5. Reject any form of exploitation or sexual trade with children and teenagers, as well as any form of labor exploitation or any discriminatory practice.
  6. Guarantee legal work contracts that meet all current law requirements, ensure fair conditions and an appropriate environment for the development of functions of each employee according to each job title.
  7. Generate alliances with providers that fit our business needs and expectations in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.
  8. Broadcast information and motivate the participation of our providers, customers and employees within the commitments that Viajemos.com has obtained towards sustainability. 

Viajemos.com establishes its Sustainability Policy, by complying the current Colombian legal normativity as follows:

  1. Title XI from the Law 599 of 2000– In which the Penal Code is issued.
  2. Decree 1076 of 2015 – In which the Unique Regulatory Decree for the Environmental and Sustainable Development Sector is issued.
  3. Decree 1608 of 1987 – In which the National Code of the Renewable Natural Resources and Protection to the Environment, as well as The Law 23 of 1973 in regards to wild fauna, are regulated.
  4. Law 1482 of 2011 – In which the penal sanctions for discrimination acts are established.
  5. Law 1098 of 2006 – In which the Code for Children and Adolescents is issued.
  6. Law 679 of 2001 – In which a statute is issued in order to prevent and counteract the exploitation, the pornography and the sexual tourism with minors.
  7. Law 1336 of 2009 – In which the Law 679 of 2001 is strengthened and enhanced.
  8. Resolution 3840 of 2009 – In which the providers of touristic services will adopt a Code of Conduct.
  9. Decree 1080 of 2015 – In which the Unique Regulatory Decree for the Culture is issued.
  10. Law 1185 of 2008, Decree 763 of 2009 y Law 397 of 1997 – In which the rules in regards to cultural heritage, promotions and grants for the culture are established


In order to comply with our compromise towards sustainability, we have created programs such as:

Water: Program where we focus on making our employees and customers aware on the importance of our Hydric Resources.

Energy: Program where we focus on making our employees and customers aware on the importance of our Energy Resources.

Waste Management: Our main purpose is to educate our employees and customers on how to handle all waste management properly in order to help our environment and contribute to the health our planet.

Training: We are committed to offer continuous training to all our staff on cultural, environmental and economic subjects.

Maintenance: We maintain our facilities and equipment in order to ensure a proper operation

Social Responsibility: We create local Jobs; support different charities through recycle campaigns and process donations to charities that raise money for the needy.




Viajemos.com is against exploitation, violence and child sexual abuse, according to the established in the Colombian Law 679 of 2001, Law 1336 de 2009 and the Resolution 3840 of 2009. We are aware that child sexual exploitation is a worldwide issue and to reduce its impact, we want to work under the minimal compromises for tourism services businesses that were established by the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry of Colombia. Such compromises are:


  1. To refrain from offering in any tourism plan or promotion (directly or indirectly), attempts for sexual exploitation among children and teenagers.
  2. To refrain from providing information to tourists, directly or through a third party, about places in which there may be any coordination or practice of sexual exploitation among children and teenagers
  3. To refrain from bringing tourists, directly or through a third party, to establishments or businesses in which there may be practice of sexual exploitation among children and teenagers, as well as from bringing children to the places in which tourists are staying, with the purpose of performing commercial or sexual exploitation with a minor
  4. To refrain from providing transportation within tourist routes, with any purpose of commercial or sexual exploitation with a child or teenager
  5. To avoid the entrance of children and teenagers to the hotels, bars, related businesses that may provide touristic services with the purpose of sexual abuse or exploitation
  6. To adopt any necessary measure in order to prevent that the employees related to the company, may offer tourism services that allow any form of sexual activity with children or teenagers
  7. To protect children and teenagers (local or foreign) from any form of sexual exploitation or sexual violence, performed by Colombian or foreign tourists
  8. To file a complaint with the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry of Colombia or related authorities, in regards to any event or suspect of any event related with the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers. To ensure that within the Agency there are proper channels to report such events with the corresponding authorities
  9. To design and promote within the agency as well as with the providers, a policy in which the Company establishes its own measures to prevent and  fight any form of sexual exploitation of children and teenagers in the tourism business
  10. To train all the employees that are already hired and the ones that will be recruited, as well as the providers of the agency that may have direct contact with the tourists, in regards to the prevention of the commercial or sexual exploitation of children and teenagers 
  11. To inform customers about the legal consequences within Colombia, in regards to sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children and teenagers.
  12. To publish in a visible and public area within the Agency, this Code of Conduct as well as any additional compromises that the Agency wishes to adopt, with the purpose of protecting children and teenagers.